The Joint Venture

The amalgamation of a name forged with excellence in foundry solutions and a brand that is the worldwide leader with more than 50 years of experience and expertise in industrial plant manufacturing is sure to be something larger than life.

Today, Savelli Machinery India Pvt Ltd (formerly known as BMD Machinery India) is a name that can be heard with clamours of fine repute and goodwill with veteran experience in all kinds of foundry solutions, that includes from Green moulding processes to the sand preparation plant. As a leading brand, present on the global market as a new supplier of horizontal flask moulding lines and sand preparation plants, Savelli Machinery India Pvt Ltd is the new dawn of India’s new processes and new high-tech solutions. The brand’s fine repute and trust gained over the years is what continues to take it ahead and is reflected in good customer relationships.

This joint venture has made possible to bring global technology to Indian foundry industries at affordable investment.