Sand Plant Equipment

Sand Preparation Plant

A. Vibratory feeder

Vibratory feeders are characterized by highly resistant and non-deforming with Jolter traverse, maintenance free vibro motors and hollow rubber cushioning springs. The main purpose is to leverage this equipment for conveying sand.

B. Belt Conveyors:

Belt Conveyors with state-of-the-art technology, specifically for foundry industry of different widths and lengths depending upon the requirement by a foundry customer. they fulfill the actions of transporting moulding sand for preparation of mold in a moulding machine and conveying waste sand to waste sand storage yard & return sand to return sand storage hopper

C. Bucket Elevators:

Bucket elevators (buckets in FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) installed on rubber belt which are engineered to lift bulk materials vertically and adheres to serving the sole purpose of transporting moulding sand, to their respective storing areas. With usage benefits like carrying the material, transporting the buckets and transmitting it to the pull, initiating an electrical drive to drive the belt, bucket elevators are an indispensable unit of the sand plant equipment.

D. Polygonal Screen:

Manifesting the uses of separating the lumps and tramp metal from foundry moulding sand and screening out return foundry sand, the polygonal screen is best at both reliability and durability.