F1 – S


Fully automatic machine to be integrated into the automatic line.
4 columns Moulding Machine with bottom hydraulic cylinder for mould compaction.
Automatic filling of the flask from the upper sand hopper through a dosing frame with conveying flaps electrically controlled.
High pressure hydraulic compaction (up to 12 kg/cm2 ) by hydraulic multi-piston squeezing head.

The squeezing head will have multiple hydraulic pistons with double hydraulic circuit to differentiate the pressure between the peripheral pistons and the internal ones, for more precise mould compaction adjustments.
The cope and drag pattern plate carriers are positioned on the trolley that moves transversely to the flasks direction for alternate moulding of cope and drag.
Inclusive of one pair of pattern plate carrier.
Inclusive of electric and hydraulic machine board.

Pattern plate carrier pair.
Pattern plate carrier pair composed of 1 number drag pattern plate carrier and 1 number cope pattern plate carrier to house the pattern plates into the moulding machine.