SAVELLI, leader in the production and installation of high-tech moulding lines and sand plants for Green Sand Foundries, has developed new machines for foundries that would like to step into High Pressure Moulding Technology.

Good High pressure moulding, substitution of jolt squeeze moulding machine.
Good High-pressure moulding, pre squeezing from bottom and final squeezing from Multi pistons.
Existing Jolt Squeeze Patterns can be used.
Jolt Squeeze Flask can be used with minor modification
High dimensional moulding accuracy
Options with Squeeze plate and Multi-piston systems
Mould pre compaction by Gravity, turning potential energy in Kinetic.
Moulding pressure adjustable from 2-15 Kg/cm2

Sand Feeding System options:
- With existing sand hopper and Fish mouth gate system
- Batch hopper with / without weighing system
Sand distribution - Manual
Turn table design
Control panel with PLC. Friendly Touch panel HMI
Built in Modem in Control panel for Online support
Noise level < 80dB

F2 – Construction Features
Molding machine is completely assembled and tested.
On board Hydraulic blocks. The Hydraulic power pack is part of the Moulding line for optimization.
Internally wired, standalone operator panel for operator convenience.
Cope and drag patterns accessible to operator for working.
Multi piston head has two hydraulic circuits. The peripheral pistons are loaded with higher hydraulic pressure.
compared with inner to overcome the flask surface friction and better compaction for the cavities located near the flask surface.
The piston feet are customized for individual flask sizes.
Flask sizes 750 X 700 to 1000X1000, flask height up to 300 mm.
Mould speed, for semi-automatic, 25-30 Molds/hour and for fully automatic 50-60 molds/hour.