We are experts in design and produce complete “Green Sand” customized mold units to produce iron, steel and aluminum castings for all the different industries such as Automotive, Mechanical, Agriculture, Railway, Naval, Constructions and Aviation.

Moulding Technology : High Performances Horizontal Flask Moulding Lines

We are specialized in designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning automatic horizontal flask moulding lines.

F1, F1 S and F3 moulding machines and lines for different production rates and sizes
2 mold compaction systems: High Pressure Squeezing and Formimpress
Single machines and complete plants
Modernization of existing plants
Replacement of old transport systems with El-Mecs (electro-mechanical devices)
Automatic pattern changing stations
Automatic core setting devices
Flask-less cooling houses with steel jackets.
Moulding Technology: High Pressure Double Squeezing Moulding Process

The key of a good mold compaction system is the distribution of the sand in each pattern’s cavity, even the deeper. The perfect adaptation of the sand mold to the pattern’s shape and configuration is a must. The squeezing from the top is not sufficient to reach perfect molds and the best sand/metal ratio.
Therefore, the double squeezing from both sides of the mold is the proper solution; the difference and the advantage is given by the impression of the model/pattern from below directly into the flask and the green sand mold = Formimpress.

Moulding Technology: High Pressure Double Squeezing Moulding Process

The Formimpress pattern bolsters:

The Formimpress pattern bolsters are not simple welded steel boxes or frames, but complex and sophisticate equipment.
In fact, these bolsters are an integral part of the moulding machine and they are composed by a guiding system (4 or 6 guides) for the Formimpress frame, a heating system for the pattern, a self lubrication system and wear pads, pins and bushes. Formimpress Bolster = Real Machine